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Brandon Lennon, a local professional fossil collector, and his father Ian( a Geologist ) run the private fossil walks.

With over 25 years experience, your guide will show you the fossil collecting sites along Lyme Bay’s famous Jurassic Coast, which is a World Heritage Site.

Brandon and Ian have been featured on various television programmes and magazine articles about the area.

Brandon’s fossils are sold in local shops and on the Internet

( . The largest ammonite he found is in the Cardiff Museum in Wales.

Ian collected fossils from Lyme Regis beaches in the 1950s,

worked as a geologist overseas and has now retired to walk the beaches in this area.

Since being made a World Heritage Site in 2001 the area has attracted more people each year. They come to see the cliffs

and shoreline where Mary Anning, the famous 19th century fossil collector worked.

The fossil tours start beside the site of Mary’s house and before setting off on the walk you will be given a brief talk about her life and the geology of the region. You will then head off either to the west of Lyme or the east, depending upon tidal conditions.